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Prefab support for Unreal Engine 4

Prefabricator extends the UE4 editor to help improve your level design workflow and save time

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Prefab Assets

Group actors into a prefab asset in the content browser. Drop them on to the scene and work on it as a single unit

Dynamic Prefab Update

Modify a prefab to have the changes automatically reflect on all the existing prefabs in the scene

Nested Prefabs

Combine existing prefabs to build more complex prefabs

Smart Selection

Extends the Unreal Editor to select the prefab as a single unit and allows smart selection of the items inside the prefabs (including nested prefabs)

Prefab Collections

Group similar prefabs together into a weighted Prefab Collection. This allows you to randomly select a prefab and add variation to your levels

Nested Prefab Randomization

Build complex Prefab randomizations with simpler prefab collections

Controlled Randomization

Use Seed Linkers to enforce same random selection across multiple prefab instance (e.g. have all the fence prefabs in the scene select the same random fence from the collection)

Level Randomization

Blueprint functions to randomize all the prefabs in the level

Runtime Support

Spawn and randomize prefabs in standalone runtime builds using blueprints

Asynchronous Builds

Avoid framerate drops while spawning large nested prefabs or randomizing entire levels by building them asynchronously over multiple frames

Open Source

Prefabricator is free and Open Source. It uses a permissive license (MIT) which allows you to use the code in your commerical projects


Prefabricator is actively supported on the Unreal Engine Forums and Discord chat channel


User Guide

Learn how to use Prefabricator with this detailed User Guide


Prefabricator is actively developed and supported. You can following along the development progress or reach the developers through these channels

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